Moment d’un couple

« An autopsy of a fatal liaison and an exploration of imprisonment, this book is also a vivid depiction of our times (...) Sharp and perceptive, this satire reads like an excellent thriller.” »
Sébastien Le Foll, France Culture

« It’s fascinating, it’s funny, it’s frightful. »
Bernard Pivot, Le Journal du Dimanche
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« With humor and absolutely surgical precision, Nelly Alard paints the portrait of a couple on the brink of collapse...Our favorite of the season.” »
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« Immersed in a story of adultery transformed into a roman noir. An unexpected success. »
Nelly Kaprièlian, Les Inrocks See the article
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« Nelly Alard avoids clichés and pens a novel of high tension. »
Olivia de Lamberterie, Elle
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« One of the most brilliant novels of the season, and a real romantic thriller. Throw yourself into this book. »
Gilles Martin-Chauffier, Paris-Match
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« Nelly Alard confirms her inimitable style (...), bestowing unexpected density and mystery upon the banality of our existence. »
Patrick Williams , Marianne
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« Frightening and disturbing »
Jérôme Garcin, Le Nouvel Observateur

« The novelist artfully weaves her web, playing with cold and heat. With rare relevance, Moment d’un couple confirms its author’s powerful talent for analysis and narration.”
Alexandre Fillon, Lire
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« Desire, torture, and vengeance, too—living as a couple means taking a risk. A second novel for Nelly Alard, winner of the 2010 prix Nimier, and a confirmation of her incisive talent and scalpel-sharp writing.”. »
Stéphanie des Horts, Stiletto
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« With intelligence and elegance, the writer reminds us how intolerable it is to love, to no longer love, to doubt one’s feelings, to suffer, and to cause suffering. »
Dominique Guiou, Le Figaro Littéraire
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« The storyline is simple, the book is impossible to put down. »
Mohammed Aissaoui, Atlantico
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« Is the story too commonplace ? Certainly not. We bounce from one surprise to another, gripped by the shifting feelings of love. Masterful writing with a touch of humor that is indispensable to the subject. What a wonderful surprise ! »
S.M., Marie-France
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« An eloquent tragicomedy, brisk and cruel. »
Jérôme Béglé, Le
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" A disturbing and intelligent reflection on love today. One of the best novels of the season."
Le Journal du Dimanche
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Nathalie Rheims, Le
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« A powerful second novel. Nelly Alard confirms her talent as a novelist. »
Myriam Chaplain - Riou, AFP
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"There is nothing sappy about Moment d’un couple : it is a tragic story imbued with undeniable resonance by Nelly Alard’s powerful and masterful language. France may very well fall in love with Juliette : find out August 29th when the book appears in stores.” "

« An actress and screenwriter, Nelly Alard made a strong impression with her first novel, Le crieur de nuit (Gallimard 2010, also in Folio). Now she has returned with a book more ambitious and accomplished still, Moment d’un couple, (...) With rare precision and masterful technique, Moment d’un couple is one of the high points of the French literary season.” »
Alexandre Fillon, Livres Hebdo
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Le crieur de nuit

About Crieur de Nuit, literary critics wrote :

«  We are stunned by this first novel. »
Jacques-Pierre Amette, Le Point
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« A searing book »
Eric Neuhoff, Le Figaro Madame
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« Black humor, killer style.”  »
Jérôme Garcin, Le Nouvel Observateur
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« A healthy lust for life. »
Isabelle Lortholary, Elle
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« Original and captivating.. »
François Lestavel, Paris-Match
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« A dark comedy...Enthralling.”. »
Bernard Pivot, Le JDD
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« After the death of her tyrannical father, a young woman regains her taste for life. Both compelling and playful, Nelly Alard’s writing is striking in its tempestuous rhythm. »
Marine Landrot, Télérama
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And the blogs…

« Everyone with a difficult, stifled childhood in their family will see themselves in this snide, refined text, endowed with a strange energy as if intelligence were a form of electricity...For a first novel—my, my, my.”  »

« It’s dark, definitely, but gently so, with beautiful writing and a text sprinkled with quotations from The Legend of Death Among the Armorican Bretons by Anatole Le Braz, for this book is also an ode to Brittany, brothers and sisters, and ultimately life and love.”  »

« A story following a family over the course of the seven days between their father’s death and the end of his funeral ; seven days to create a young woman free from the weight she’s been carrying, seven days to create a writer and give her a name : Nelly Alard. »

« Now here, watch out, is a masterpiece ! This very short book is breathtaking, and touched me deeply for many reasons. »

« An exemplary and magnificent first novel that never lowers itself to melodrama. Everything is said with just the right words, full of modesty, in a tone without one false note.  »

« A beautiful novel about death and filial love written with precision by a young novelist who is full of talent.  »

« A really good book. »

« It’s a very beautiful book that I liked a lot, and I don’t think that’s only because I’ve lived in the places where the story happens, or because I recognized everything about that Finistère nord part of Brittany, so hard and generous at the same time !  »

« A first novel delivered by an excellent writer, lively and sensitive.  »

« Le crieur de nuit is a story that can be read straight through, in an afternoon. It’s caustic, savory, tender, and pushes the reader to think.  »

«  A novel as beautiful as it is short, dazzling like a Breton lightning storm.  »

« What a surprising back cover...I quite liked Nelly Alard’s writing and I was very touched by this story.  »"

« A book that is gentle and powerful at the same time, superb. »

«  It’s always hard to make a name for yourself after being dropped into the river of first novels, but Nelly Alard will be one of those we’ll remember in 2010 for her book’s quiet strength and her sharply elegant style.  »

«  Le crieur de nuit is a nuanced story that speaks to us with just the right words about a lack of love and the wounds that don’t heal. The seriousness of the topic does not exclude humor, and the pages dedicated to the difficult back and forth of the dead inside the family burial vault are a small jewel of black humor. »

« Between love and hatred, one week to be “cured” of him. A promising first novel, interesting and so genuine, where Breton legends mingle with reality. »

«  A breathless first novel. »

« NDon’t pass by this very short book, written with a rare finesse. Trust me, read it.  »