January 2020

La vie que tu t’étais imaginée

The new novel by Nelly Alard is now in the bookstores

Presentation in video :


« Tremendous. An extraordinary storytelling talent...A very, very subtle book. » Télématin

« A gripping investigation shot through with cheerful humor »

« An enthralling quest that is also a superb self-portrait in which the personal lives and destinies of these uncommon heroines intermingle and mirror one another." »
Thierry Clermont, Le Figaro

« A fascinating investigation where the lies bleed into the truth. Surprising – different from anything you’ve ever read before. »
Rémi Noyont, L’Obs

« Portraits of two glamorous women, drawn with great psychological finesse. A subtle storyline worthy of the most spine-tingling thrillers. »

Les Echos Top 7 Books of the Season :
« For her big return, Nelly Alard changes gears with her surprising and addictive The Life You’ve Imagined, a very personal investigation into the birth of "the Sassetot child." »

« A fascinating novel that takes place between Vienna, London, and Los Angeles. »
Notre temps

« An investigation at once personal and dramatic »
Point de Vue